11 Plus Tuition Burnham

At InTuition PYP we take a different approach to preparing the students of Burnham for the 11 Plus to the popular factories that exist. We are passionate about children reaching their potential via the child, parent and InTuition PYP working together to create a memorable and meaningful learning experience.

Our aim is to allow young minds to flourish in a supportive environment that is free from the usual stresses of school.

We believe in a more holistic approach where the child is not merely memorising information but developing problem-solving skills and how to learn which will benefit them beyond the 11 Plus into their secondary education and life in general.

So how do we do this?

  • We work with children in developing a positive growth mindset where they will become resilient and understand that through hard-work, determination and commitment they can achieve their goals.
  • We have invested in a truly modern, state-of-the-art learning environment where children can learn and discuss freely with their tutor any concerns they have. Our Slough tutors will be closely supporting their students to ensure they are staying on track and feeding back progress every half-term either after the session and via regular parent progress meetings.
  • Small class sizes (maximum 6) and one to one teaching allow us to create a personalized pathway for each student to maximize their potential. Flexibility in our teaching also allows us to spend more time on whatever key area our students need help on; be that verbal or non-verbal reasoning, comprehension, or mathematics.

We replace 11+ pressure

With 11+ progress!

KS 1 & 2

KS 3





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