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The 11 Plus is a critical examination taken when children are around ten to eleven, though some may decide to retake the exam in later years. Introduced in 1944 to tests various skills in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, the examination was slowly phased out from most of the United Kingdom from the mid 1970s onwards.

However, in some locations, such as Slough and South Buckinghamshire (Bucks), the exam continues to live on, determining which future paths children take, distinguishing children between those being sent to grammar schools, and those sent to state comprehensives.

As such, the 11 Plus is high on the list of anxieties that Slough parents face. Yet we at InTuition PYP are committed to helping Slough parents get through this stressful time by helping to ensure their children reach the schools they desire.


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11 plus tuition centre in slough

Helping children with 11 plus tuition to get into the grammar school of their choice

Grammar schools are defined as secondary schools that are oriented in ways that deal with the pursuit of high-end academics. This usually translates to excellent staff, higher than average attention in A levels and GCSEs in Slough, and higher numbers of students being sent to university.

As such, these schools are often highly coveted prizes for parents who wish to see their children excel academically, with a good secondary education being a key stepping stone in the path to university and high paying careers. 

With such high stakes in mind, we take the 11 Plus tuition extremely seriously, and have a proven track record of helping students getting into the secondary schools they desire, with 90% of our 11 Plus students in the last year entering either their primary or secondary choice of secondary school.


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Our 11 plus tuition centre is designed to bring the best out of our students

Our famous Slough InTution tuition centres on our principles of PYP; Pursue Your Purpose. This ethos focuses on allowing students to attain their goals and aspirations. It also helps mould those aspirations by helping children understand the importance of a holistic education.

By helping students explore the opportunities success in education can bring, we make students invested in their future and achievement, thus meaning they become active and enthusiastic participants in their education, rather than passive recipients of forceful education. 

In addition to this, the 11 Plus preparation courses and tuition facilitates the development of key skills outside of the exam also. Such skills include problem solving, various exercises in reasoning, and grammatical skills used to complete the English focused portions of the exams. All of the above, in combination with small classes of six students ensures that children become invested in their own education, and with our expert support, strive to achieve their fullest.


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11 plus tuition centre in slough

Check out what parents had to say!

I was very impressed by the standard of education at InTution PYP! The staff are professional, and innovative in their approach to education. The courses and classes are brilliant, run by expert tutors. They were very helpful in developing my child’s passion for learning and education generally! Wonderful tuition for any stage with great access to Bucks! A wonderful to excel in any exam at any stage.

An amazing, diverse environment which is so unique compared to every other tuition service in Berkshire. This institution is not only about teaching, but mentoring and guiding the younger generation to help them grow and develop into professional, innovative individuals of the future. A highly recommended centre to all those looking for tutoring.

Professional learning environment with a unique atmosphere decorated to suit young students. With experienced teaching professionals, InTuition is focused on ensuring the highest quality of learning! Highly recommended place to help young individuals develop above and beyond the classroom!

What makes Intuition PYP the preferred 11 plus tutoring service in Slough?

The location of our tuition centre in Burnham allows for great convenience. Burnham Highstreet is easily accessible by public transport and private traffic to those in Slough and South Buckinghamshire (Bucks), ensuring that no matter where you are, you can attain access. In addition to this, we have ramp access, demonstrating our commitment to facilitate education for all.

Our tutoring/teaching style is also lauded as very successful, focusing on the following points:

  • We work with children in developing a positive growth mindset where they will become resilient and understand that through hard-work, determination and commitment they can achieve their goals.
  • We have invested in a truly modern, state-of-the-art learning environment where children can learn and discuss freely with their tutor any concerns they have. Our tutors will be closely supporting their students to ensure they are staying on track and feeding back progress every half-term either after the session and via regular parent progress meetings.
  • Small class sizes (maximum 6) and one to one teaching allow us to create a personalized pathway for each student to maximize their potential. Flexibility in our teaching also allows us to spend more time on whatever key area our students need help on; be that verbal or non-verbal reasoning, comprehension, or mathematics.

Slough Consortium eleven plus exam

The Slough Consortium exam is an exam specifically used to allocate students to places in Slough. The exam tests verbal, nonverbal and numerical reasoning, with a pass mark of 111. The exam is one which applies only to Slough schools. Those wishing to attain scores to access schools such as John Hampden or Royal Grammar School must register to also complete the Buckinghamshire (Bucks) exam in looking for admissions. Please ensure this is done if you are looking for schools in the region of South Bucks. Do also consider that this means your child will have to then sit multiple exams.

Grammar schools in Slough

Slough has five major Grammar schools:

Herschel Grammar School

Herschel Grammar is names after the astronomer of much famed. Ranked as an outstanding school in its latest Ofsted report, the school is known for its diverse community, and for sending its members to universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Royal Holloway, UCL, KCL and Warwick. It is also known for astounding grades, with over 40% of students in 2019 achieving multiple A star grades.

Langley Grammar School

Langley similarly achieved an outstanding ranking in its last Ofsted report, with much praise given to the ethos on developing all children to become well rounded individuals. Langley Grammar excels in A Level results, with over 70% of students attaining A star to B, far higher than the national average. Universities that Langley has sent its students to include Oxford, Cambridge, Royal Holloway and Bath.

Saint Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School

Saint Bernard’s is a Catholic school. This does mean that Catholcoism and religious education permeates every part of the school, but this is not exclusionary, with people of all faiths being accepted and excelling in this high-performance environment. 100% of all students passed their GCSEs, a stat that even schools with high achievement struggle to achieve. Universities that Bernard’s students end up at include Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham and Durham. 

Upton Court Grammar 

Another outstanding school, Upton Court used to be known as Slough Grammar until rebranding. In GCSEs, 99% of all students achieved and A to C grade, with 55% managing to achieve an A star in subjects. Upton Court Grammar has sent its students to a wide range of universities, such as UCL, Oxford, Birmingham, Nottingham, KCL and Queen Mary’s.

Burnham Grammar School

Whilst Burnham is a “good” school, this doesn’t mean the results are any less impressive. 60% of all students managed to attain A stars in their GCSES, with 2 in 3 A level results being an A star to B. Universities that Burnham students end up at include Oxford, Cambridge, SOAS, Warwick, Birmingham and Brunel.

What is the pass mark for 11 +?

Typically, the pass mark for the 11 plus exam is around 80%. This translates to around 111 in the Slough Exams, and 121 in the Buckinghamshire (Bucks) exams. Students who fall just shy of this have the opportunity to appeal this, however.

Verbal Skills

The 11 plus verbal skills section on the exam are designed to examine students and their competence with grammar rules, as well as conventions of literature and future English study, such as analogies, rhyming and spelling.

Numerical Reasoning 

The eleven plus numerical reasoning tests a student’s ability to write and solve maths problems through various ways. This exam often involves number lines or sets of numbers, and applying various operations such as multiplication or division. 

Non Verbal Reasoning

This portion of the exam is mostly focused on logic puzzles. Students are given shapes and patterns, and must deduce the relationship between them to work out next or previous sets of a sequence. 

Our Proven CEM Tuition Process

Developed by Slough schoolteachers with much expertise in the 11 Plus exam, our tutors and tuition follow a proven successful set of courses and classes time and again, with results helping our students reach outstanding schools, such as Upton Court Grammar.

Can You pass the 11 Plus exam without Tuition?

Being a legacy of the Tripartite school system in Slough and Bucks, the 11 Plus exam tests taught abilities as well as just basal logic. As such, many portions of the exam are heavily reliant on tuition processes. It is unlikely students could reach their full potential without tuition. 

That’s why here at Intuition PYP’s 11 plus tuition centre in Slough our tutors help prepare your child for their exams, whether it’s for their GCSE exams or their 11 plus exams we’ll ensure they are prepared!

When should I start 11 Plus tuition for my child? (Which year group?)

The exam is taken at the beginning of year 6, so most parents start at the beginning of year 5 at the very latest. Many however chose to start in year 4. This amounts to the parent’s choice.


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