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English is a vital skill for students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to perfect. Spoken by nearly 1.5 billion people, English is a truly global language. The vast majority of literature is also produced in English, with over two million books published a year in the language.

This is to say nothing of other material such as academic papers, journals, and newspapers. As such, it is clear that mastery of the English language is a skill students need in order to progress themselves in their education and wider world contexts.

Knowledge and abilities in English will then dictate the educational, vocational, and professional paths that students can take as they progress through different courses, stages, and chapters of their life. In addition to this, English literature studies in particular help students to engage critically with media and things they consume, helping form individuals who are able to dissect and understand the world around them.

We at InTuition PYP are strongly aware of these needs and are passionate of providing quality English tuition to your child by matching them with an experienced tutor.

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Why should you invest in English Tuition?

 As noted, English studies, both language and literature, are hugely important in the development and success of your child throughout their academic and then professional lives. English language allows for students to study other languages at higher levels thanks to skills developed in language learning, hugely helping employability, as well as linguistic studies at university which can be the path to high paying careers such as translations at institutions like the United Nations.

English literature on the other hand helps develop critical minds and engagement with the world surrounding you. As a result, it is a critical GCSE and A Level for those who wish to pursue high effort and high reward degrees at a university level, such as law or policy. This then leads to careers such as lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and policy makers. As such, investing in English tuition is vital because it allows for high paying and successful careers. A good tutor can make all the difference!


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If the aforementioned reasons did not completely assure you of the need to invest in your child’s English education, InTution PYP offers a FREE trial session to see if the tutoring programme is a perfect match for your child. The trial sessions examine how your child learns, as well as determining at what level your child is working at.

This helps us figure out how to tailor the learning experience to your child in particular, ensuring they are getting the absolute most out of their tuition. The trial session ends with a discussion with you about your child’s progress, working and talking about how to go forward with tuition and developing their skills. This session will last for an hour with a tutor of ours.

What makes Intuition PYP the go to English Tuition centre in Slough?

Unique Work Ethic

The InTuition centre Slough works on a very simple but effective work ethic; PYP. This stands for “Pursue Your Purpose”. This means that students are made aware of their potential, their purpose. To be aware of what you can be is the first step on the ladder to success. By working closely with and observing students, we are able to make them aware of what exactly they should be aiming for.

The next step is encouraging them to pursue this. This is done through the awareness of the potential students possess. Through the combination of these two things, students become actively involved and engaged in their own educational pursuits. Students are thus invested in their own English development, and attend the sessions and work of their own free will, leading to fantastic results. Our excellent English tutors will ensure success, whether online or in person for that hour they have together.

Location – Burnham, Slough

The InTution centre is a tuition centre based in Burnham high street. Thanks to this easy to reach location, the centre is able to be accessed through public and private transport through out Slough, Wycombe and South Bucks. As well as this, we at InTuition PYP have committed ourselves to access to less able students by also allowing for alternate access options, such as ramp access.

Parking also exists outside the centre as well as throughout the high street, ensuring that there is always a way to get to the centre.

Renowned Process and Proven Results for English tuition

We are InTuition are absolutely and entirely committed to excellence in education. Our students are our pride, and we take the utmost care of them, as they are taken under the wing of an experienced tutor for an hour per session. As well as the success we have inspired through the Pursue Your Purpose ethos, we also ensure that all students are able to approach education in a variety of ways.

Though the process of education is famously tailored to each student, we are also committed to ensuring this education is also holistic. Students are simply not exposed to that in which they know they can do well in. Rather, they are challenged at regular intervals to ensure exposure to all kinds of learning, as well as being able to foster the ability to work through and in situations outside of their comfort zones.

Our English Tutors in Slough

Our English tutors are handpicked through rigorous interviewing processes. This is to ensure that only the best of the best are teaching your children. The three things we look for in a tutor are expert knowledge, passion, and commitment. These three attributes culminate in a tutoring process that inspire students, as well as pushes them to achieve their very best in their educational career.

Let’s meet our English tutors!

English teacher – Amrit

Amrit is one of our star tutors. With excellent A Levels, being all As and A stars, Amrit knows how the system works, and how to excel in them. She has a strong passion for English literature and language. Being a very insightful and observant individual, Amrit is always able to help her students pick out the subtext and themes they may miss out on ordinarily.

This, along with her famously fun and interactive personalised lessons, is why Amrit is a fantastic tutor who will ensure your child will excel in their pursuit of English. She will tutor from any level, GCSE to A level, beyond and bellow!


Zayn is a history graduate with a keen interest in English literature, having achieved fantastically at this subject in A level, and still using it every day in his history work, which often revolves around literature. As such, Zayn is able to bring English literature to life for his students. Working with Zayn will ensure success, as well as hours of works on analysis, subtext, themes and context about literature, making the subject fun.


What makes our English tutors different?

Our English tutors are different because they fundamentally care about the tuition they deliver. All tutors are intensely interviewed to gage passion and enthusiasm for their subject areas. This means that the tuition your child receive is the result of a genuine believer in the aims of PYP; a tutor who is passionate about getting your child to pursue their purpose.

As well as this, our tutors have expert knowledge of their subject area. Tutors are qualified with at least an outstanding A level result, and preferably a university level degree. This ensure that all tutors working with us know the subject material they work with at every level and are thus able to confidently teach at every level to all students of all age and abilities.

What our students had to say about our English lessons

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are testimonials from our students!

My experience at Intuition PYP has been a great boost for my learning and has made me more enthusiastic towards expanding my knowledge. The environment that Intuition creates is welcoming and understanding in a way that they work with you to your certain ability. Intuition is a lot better than other tuition centres in my opinion as they are very nice and is very invested in your wellbeing.

 – Year 7 Student who is going through the English sessions discussing how these tuition sessions gave improved her knowledge and confidence, as well as more appreciative of learning more generally

Do you offer online / webcam lessons?

InTuition PYP has been extremely flexible and accommodating given the situation of the global pandemic, and we are happy to announce that our lessons will be in centre, to allow for the extra personal education to further educational attainment.

However, we understand some are still uncomfortable with the return to in person sessions. If you are interested in online lessons, please contact us so we may facilitate this. We will aim to be offering more complete online hour long lessons as a regular feature soon.


Other lessons we offer in Slough and Buckinghamshire

As well as our English tutoring sessions, we have other programmes too.

GCSE Tuition

Our GCSE tuition is designed to allow secondary students to excel in their GCSE exams by studying with a tutor, allowing them to reach the grammar schools they wish to, as well as allowing them to study the A Levels or apprenticeships they want to.

11+ plus tuition Slough

Our 11 Plus tuition Slough programme is designed by expert tutors to develop problem solving skills in children, allowing them to get into the secondary schools they want to.

A Level Lessons

The A level lessons are rigorous sessions for those in secondary schools designed to allow students to excel in these exams and get into the universities of their choice.

Home schooling centre in Slough

Our flagship programme, the Home-Schooling programme covers two days of the week to support families in home schooling through the use of specialised tutors. This is designed for students who do not feel comfortable in mainstream schooling and desire more flexibility in approach.

English key stage 1, 2 and 3 lessons

We have tuition for all key stages, key stage 1, key stage 2 and key stage 3 in which tutors can teach more broadly in most subjects. This ranges from year one to year 9. If your child needs an additional boost through schooling, check out these sessions.


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