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The GCSEs are exams that all students in Key Stage 3 need to complete at some point. These are exams in a variety of subjects, such as English, Maths and the sciences, as well as other subjects in the arts, natural sciences, and languages.

These exams can set up a child’s future by allowing them to achieve high ranking apprenticeships with renowned companies such as Rolls Royce. They will also dictate the grammar schools students are able to go to if they chose to continue with further study at A-Level, allowing a mobility that might have not been there as 11 Plus level.

In short, the GCSEs are critical for children in their journey to adult hood. Good tuition can make or break a future But do not fret. InTution PYP provides a proven and effective GCSE tuition course in Slough, utilising special tutors in Slough. Read about the Slough Tuition we provide at our centre!


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Why Chose our GCSE Tuition Centre?

InTution PYP takes a revolutionary approach to tutoring and education more broadly. With passionate and experienced tutors based here in Slough and Burnham, the team will ensure your child will reach their peak and pursue their purpose. With ground-breaking tutoring strategies, our tuition will provide:

  • Tailored work specifically for your child. All children are individuals, and though the GCSEs are standardised exams, any teaching strategy that treats the learning process as such is one doomed to fail. At InTution, we recognise the importance of individual teaching strategies, and as such our tutors tailor learning specifically to learning needs across the years. For example, visual learners will be taught in ways that plays to their strengths.
  • Holistic approaches to learning. Just as we realise how each child is unique in their approach to learning, we also appreciate the fact that for GCSE tuition, certain things must be completed. As such, the process by which students are tutored is holistic, ensuring they can tackle their subjects (history, English, Maths, sciences etc) at any level they need to. Such an approach helps students throughout their years in Grammar schools, with some of our students excelling in Upton Court Grammar in particular.
  • The PYP ethos. We believe in encouraging children to pursue their purpose, and achieve their full potential, no matter what that is. These tutoring courses will ensure you child not only attains their best possible maths GCSE results, but will facilitate character development in a variety of fields, such as confidence and problem solving. 
  • Fun! In order to keep tuition as a process which children actually benefit from, programmes are tailored around being engaging to students. Your child will actively enjoy and participate in their educational journey through enjoyment thanks to the ability of our tutors to design and lead interactive courses. The times at the centre will live in the memory of students for years to come.


All of this makes us the best GCSE tuition in Slough, with a fantastic set of tutors for all years, from English to Maths and more!

We help our students get into Upton Court Grammar 

Our Slough tuition has a proven record in English, Maths, Sciences and others. We have tutored various students who have gone on to get into grammar schools from comprehensive schools. This is the cumulative results of the aforementioned programme. After year 11, many of our student have gone on to achieve the fantastic scores that allow them to get into these grammar schools, particularly Upton Court Grammar for years 12 plus 13.

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Our GCSE tutors 


Nadeem is a second-year medicine student. This tells you about the mental fortitude and intelligence of the man. Passionate about the sciences, maths, and teaching as a whole, there is no better person to entrust the future and chances of your children getting into grammar school with than Nadeem. A specialist in biology and chemistry especially, this man will ensure your child passes to the best of their ability. A gem to the centre.


A high flyer, Amrit is known for the wonderful personal touches she includes in her lessons at the centre to ensure her students enjoy the lessons that she delivers. A trainee accountant, Amrit knows her way around a calculator, maths, and any thing else you could throw at her. Her passion for teaching radiates in her work, leaving children both satisfied with their work, whilst also pushing them to their limits to achieve as highly as they possibly can in their GCSEs, setting them up for future success.


Zayn is a history graduate with an appreciation for all things literature and essay based. This ensures a solid and strong approach to humanities based subjects, unlocking new ways to engage with essays, language and thinking in general. His passion for literature, English and history rubs off on students through interactive and tailored sessions ensuring the development of critical thinking and essay writing skills across many subjects at the centre.

Tuition in Slough 

Our fantastic and proven GCSE tuition programme is not the only service we offer at the centre. We also provide the following, with all courses and tuition and tutoring reaching the similar gold standard that has allowed us to operate so successfully over the last year, securing our place as one of the most prestigious and greatest tutoring services in Slough, helping from things to Grammar school examinations to other home-schooling programmes. 

11 Plus Tuition 

Do you wish for your child to excel in their final primary school years, as well as prepare them for exams that could determine their school placement in going to grammar schools? Then our 11 Plus course Burnham class is for you. Run by a fantastic team of primary school teachers who know the exam like the back of their hand, this course ensures a quality education in all facets of the exam, such as logical reasoning and problem solving. See the centre now! 

A Level Tutoring 

Slough A Levels are critical in determining the path of a young life as it determines which universities, courses and apprenticeships one can embark on. Fully appreciating how critical these exams are, our tutoring team (recent completers of the exams) are intimately familiar with them, being able to deliver education of the gold standard we are known for. Tuition available in the our Slough centre in various subjects such as Maths, English and other electives.

Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 tutoring 

Looking to give your child extra support through their formative years? The centre provides a programme will allow younger students to recap the often-messy nature of the of the key stage 1, 2 and 3 curricula, developing academic abilities in English and Maths, as well as confidence as young students master their material. 

Home Schooling

Many parents have realised the restrictive and inflexible nature of the national curriculum. To accommodate this need, InTution PYP developed its famous home-schooling programme to help students realise their potential and develop themselves whilst still ensuring work towards standardised examinations. The centre is open for core lessons in English and Maths. Often combined with 11 Plus tuition at the centre.


Speak to us today about GCSE tuition in Slough!

We have seen the revolutionary and successful nature of this renowned programme in how it facilitates the attainments of astounding grades and access to grammar schools for further education whilst also allowing fun and character development. Contact us and visit the centre today! Get the best in Slough Tuition! 


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