Grammar Schools in Burnham

 Burnham is home to some very prestigious schools, such as Burnham secondary, Lentrise, Priory and the famous Burnham Gramma School. This article will outline various aspects of the school so that you are ready to make an informed decision in seeking out this school.

Burnham Grammar School

Founded in 1960, Burnham Grammar has been an indispensable part of Burnham’s landscape. Located just opposite the High Street, the school is vital in many ways. It is an integral part of the Burnham economy, providing essential foot traffic to the Burnham area. One could say that Burnham is, in some part, defined by its relation to its school.

Amongst the beautiful greenery and natural parks of the area (notably Burnham Beeches), the school is situated in a beautiful part of the country, where adventure is always around the corner. Yet, it is also extremely accessible. Burnham, situated along the line of Berkshire and south Buckinghamshire has easy access to Slough and the surrounding area by both private and public transport. For admissions to Burnham Grammar and other Grammas schools, children must complete the 11 Plus exam which tests practice of materiel. This is the general approach to admissions across Grammar schools and Burnham grammar.

Is Burnham Grammar a Good School?

Yes. Apart from attaining the “good” label in its latest OFSTED report, the school is known for some really fantastic academics. Sixty percent of GCSEs taken at the school in 2019 resulted in either a 7,8 or 9, equivalent to A and A stars in the old curriculum. These results were even higher in some subjects, with three quarters of all History, Business Studies, Science, Music and Sociology
grades being 7, 8 or 9.

At A Level, the average set of results was ABB, with two of every three exams resulting in an A, A star or B. After A Levels, Slough students have gone off to a variety of prestigious universities, such as King’s College London, Royal Holloway, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Reading, Warwick, Bristol, University College London, Brunel, Portsmouth and SOAS. A break down of results can be seen here:

% of pupils achieving grades C/4 or above at GCSE in 5 or more subjects including Maths and English= 100%
% of pupils achieving grade 4 or above at GCSE in Maths and English = 100%
% of pupils achieving grade 5 or above at GCSE in Maths and English = 96%
% who achieved the English Baccalaureate at Grade C/4 or above = 53%

How to prepare for the 11 Plus exam

In order to get a place in Burnham grammar, students have to succeed in the 11 Plus exam. Preparing for the 11 Plus exam is an often arduous process that spans multiple years, emotional investment and pain. As such, this is often a stressful time in the lives of both parents and students. 

Fortunately, we at InTuition PYP are able to ease this 11 Plus period, allowing you to focus on admissions to Burnham Grammar and other Grammar schools. Our famous InTution tuition centres on our principles of PYP; Pursue Your Purpose. This ethos focuses on allowing students to attain their goals and aspirations. It also helps mould those aspirations by helping children understand the importance of a holistic education. By helping students explore the opportunities success in education can bring, we make students invested in their future and achievement, thus meaning they become active and enthusiastic participants in their education, rather than passive recipients of forceful education.

In addition to this, the 11 Plus preparation courses and tuition facilitates the development of key skills outside of the exam also. Such skills include problem solving, various exercises in reasoning, and grammatical skills used to complete the English focused portions of the exams. All of the above, in combination with small classes of six students ensures that children become invested in their own education, and with our expert support, strive to achieve their fullest.

Is there a Catchment area for Burnham Grammar?

The catchment area of the school extends through most of South Bucks, as well as large parts of Slough. A map of the catchment area may be found on the school’s website.

Exam Information

The 11 Plus is a critical examination taken when children are around ten to eleven, though some may decide to retake the exam in later years. Introduced in 1944 to tests various skills in verbal and non verbal reasoning to select students for admission to high schools, the examination was slowly phased out from most of the United Kingdom from the mid 1970s onwards. However, in some locations, such as Slough and South Buckinghamshire, the exam continues to live on, determining which future paths children take, distinguishing children between those being sent to grammar schools, and those sent to state comprehensives. As such, the 11 Plus is high on the list of anxieties that Slough parents face.

Yet  we at InTuition PYP are committed to helping Burnham and Slough parents get through this stressful time by helping to ensure their children reach the schools they desire. There are mltiple exams, one for Slough and one of Buckinghamshire. Those wishing to apply for Burnham Grammar school must  complete the Buckinghamshire exam. This will allow students to potentially explore other schooling options such as John Hampden or Royal Grammar School.


Exam Dates

For 2022 entry, the 11 Plus exams will be held in the SEPTEMBER OF 2021.

Burnham Grammar School Alumni

As noted earlier, many Burnham Grammar students have gone on to extremely prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Russel Group universities. These students excel beyond merely university achievement. Famous Burnham Grammar include:

  • – Jimmy Carr- famous comedian who frequently appears on television and hosts many shows.
  • – Tian Tang- Associate in corporate and private equity law at Kirkland and Ellis international LLP.
  • – Alex Booker- Senior First Officer Pilot for Monarch
    – Verity Kyley- Information Security Specialist for British Airways
    – James Mosses- District manager for Abercrombie and Fitch in Copenhagen
    – David Ornstein- Sports News reporter for BBC


  • Burnham Grammar School Reviews

  • Came to the school in year 8. Had a great time, and actually kind of miss it. Despite not seeing eye to eye with some teachers, overall I learnt a lot and had fun. I’m now at university studying chemistry and the school set me up for my future as best it could. – Josef Lindsay, a former student of Burnham discussing how the school set him up for success I joined Burnham in year 7 after successfully completing the 11 Plus.
  • The staff of the school are fantastic, with a few holding masters degrees in their subjects to ensure they are the giving the greatest education possible. The staff really make this school the wonderful and successful institution it is. The school sufficiently prepared me for university and work life, both socially and academically, and thus offers dynamic social and school lives to its students.-Zayn Bukhari, former Burnham student now at university and about tot begin work as a teacher, discussing how the school prepared him for life generally.
  • Rankings

  • -At A level the school had the joint highest progress measure of the Bucks and Slough grammar schools. This ranked Burnham in the top 17% of schools nationally for progress.
    -Ranked 84 th Nationally when compared to other Grammar schools

What are the travel restrictions in Burnham Grammar School

There are very little travel restrictions for travelling to and from Burnham. It is directly linked to Farnham, Stoke Poges, Slough and Iver. In fact, there are extensive school as well as public bus routes that pick up and drop students off securely to and from the site to specified stops.

Burnham’s location in South Bucks allows quick and easy access across the counties of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to the school by car, whilst also accommodating public bus routes that stop in and around Burnham village. As such, there are no major barriers in terms of travel in accessing the school.


Can I travel from London to Burnham grammar school?

Yes! There are now direct links between Burnham and London, with trainlines directly going from Burnham to Paddington. This service stops as Slough, Iver, Langley, West Drayton, Hayes and Harlington, Southall and Ealing Broadway before finally reaching Paddington, allowing coherent
connectivity with London.

Burnham Grammar School Ofsted Rating

According to Ofsted, Burnham Grammar is a GOOD school, with the last full report being from 2012, with a shorter inspection in 2017.

The 2012 Report noted:
Students’ achievement is good with high attainment and strong progress in most subjects. The quality of teaching is good overall. Students learn new skills and develop their understanding well. The harmonious school community helps students to get on well together, feel very safe and behave well. Students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is very strong with increasing opportunities for students’ cultural development through the performing arts.

The sixth form is good. Students have opportunities to study a broad range of subjects and achieve well in most subjects. Leaders at all levels, including governors, have contributed strongly to the improvements across the school. Strategies to improve teaching have been well-thought through and supported teachers in broadening their skills effectively for the benefit of students. The 2017 short inspection reported that: This school continues to be good. The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. As a result, we can then clearly see the high praise the school has garnered from Ofsted inspections, inspiring further confidence in the school.

How to Apply?

Burnham Grammar does not deal with admission processes directly. Rather, they are administered by the Buckinghamshire Council. As a result, to join the school, students must complete and be successful in the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus, which selects appropriate candidates for admission (or otherwise successfully appeal a failed result for secondary transfer) after placing Burnham on their school list in order to get a place. 

Refer to the following link for further details:


Other Schools in Burnham

Though Burnham Grammar is the only grammar school in Burnham proper, there is also Burnham Upper, a state comprehensive. Further than this, other grammar schools such as Herschel or Upton Court are located in nearby Slough, accessible from Burnham by train, bus and car.

Learn more about Burnham Grammar Today!

Be sure to check out the Burnham Grammar school website to learn more about it, and contact us at InTutiton PYP to enquire about tuition in helping achieve a place at this school, plus many other grammar schools and other exam help! Open days are also held. We can advise on admission processes.

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