5 Grammar Schools in Slough Compared

Slough is a town with much to offer in terms of school options. Being one of the few areas left in the country that retained the Eleven Plus, Slough has a variety of unique and specialised school types dotted around it. These include technical schools, academics, Grammar schools, and others. Admission to many of these high schools is based on the attained score in the Elven Plus exam.

 5 grammar schools in slough compared for 11 plus students

Some of these schools are of significant prestige, such as the ones that will be discussed in this blog. In addition to this, Slough’s unique location which is positioned near Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire means a greater range of school access to different areas.

This article will examine five of these choices and give you some vital information regarding schools in Slough, in particular the grammar schools.



Want to find out what’s the best grammar school in Slough?

There are many grammar schools in Slough. In fact there are so many that it might seem overwhelming at times to really gauge what is the best option for you, your child, their social experience, their academics career, their future, and other potential concerns. We at InTuition PYP have thus taken it upon ourselves to try and help you with this monumentally important choice in your child’s life.

Your choice of grammar school will determine many things about your Childs future. This includes GCSE attainment, A-levels, university choices, apprenticeships and networks that students form for life. As such, this is an incredibly important moment and we are pleased to be able to help you with this through our comprehensive Slough grammar school guide.

‏ Slough Grammar School admission

2020 and 2021 have been remarkable years for all of us across all walks of life and all industries and all ways of being. All of us no matter who we are have experienced immense disruption and interruption of our normal every day lives. Everything has changed. This includes education and how our children interact with educational institutions.

However, despite these difficulties and challenges, VV the 11 plus exams are still running, even if in different ways. As such most Grammar School admission is still determined by this entrance exam.

Yet there are still other ways to be admitted to these schools. Students may appeal the 11 Plus test results if they fell short by a few marks for admission however this discretion is up to the grammar school.

In addition students may be placed on waiting lists so that they can join the school in later years. Another way through which students get accepted for admission in to the grammar schools is through GCSE results after which six forms of schools may decide to allow external candidates to apply for spaces for A levels. There are thus multiple ways by which students may be admitted to grammar schools.

Slough grammar school catchment area

Given Slough’s unique location there are many variable and different catchment areas depending on your school of choice. Given slough’s location near southern Buckinghamshire but situated within Berkshire there are many things you must consider with regards to catchment area.

Most of the schools we will be discussing in this article will have somewhat similar catchment areas across their area of Slough. However some of the Buckinghamshire schools May have more restricted or different catchment areas. To be entirely certain as to whether you fit within a catchment area, double check on the school you wish to joins website, on which a useful map is usually provided.

How Many Grammar Schools are in Buckinghamshire?

Though this article will primarily focus on schools throughout Slough, there are other options to note. As we have said, Slough’s location also gives it access to schools in the South of Buckinghamshire. For students within this catchment range, these may be strong options to consider, as many of these schools are world renowned for their prestige and networks they allow. Some of the following are hugely significant schools in the area:

  • -Beaconsfield High (Becky High); An all-girls grammar school, renowned for being one of the best performing schools in the entire country.
  • -John Hampden; A prestigious boys school located near High Wycombe. Sometimes the catchment area is extended to parts of Slough
  • -Royal Grammar School; A school that specialises in Mathematics and computer technologies, it is also based in High Wycombe.

Parents wishing to consider these schools ought to double check conditions and catchments prior to applying, as these are subject to change every year.


How do I apply for grammar schools in Slough?

Since all admissions to Grammar schools are done on the basis of performance in the Eleven Plus, the first, and perhaps most important step, is to register your child for the exam. This can be done on the Slough council website, under titles regarding the Slough Consortium paper.


Do keep this in mind if you are considering an application to a Buckinghamshire school. This will include Burnham Grammar, despite having a Slough postcode. As a result you must double check exactly where you are applying, and what test is needed for admission to said grammar school. At this point, it will also be a good idea to check the appeal policy of each school. For more information on admission and on the Eleven Plus test, see the websites of specific councils and schools.

In terms of applying for school places, the second step after applying for an exam is to apply for a space at a school. To do this, go again to the Slough council website. Then under the tabs to do with education, find the “how to apply” tab. Here will outline how exactly you will apply for a space. The deadlines for this are usually in October of the year.

Whilst there is some leeway for exception circumstances for people who miss this deadline, it is not usual for this leeway to be given for everyone. As such, it is strongly advised that all deadlines on the website are followed as thoroughly as possible. In addition, again there may be differences in processes regarding Buckinghamshire. As a result, as with the exam application, it is vital you pay attention to the specifics of what you are applying to.

Our Grammar school/ Schools in Slough Information Guide

Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School was founded in 1955, though it was planned for closure in the 1980s for administrative reasons. However, this was postponed, and instead two other schools were merged to form the Slough Grammar School (now called Upton Court Grammar School). Since 2011, the school has been an academy. It is known for specialising in Mathematics and Computer technologies.

Ofsted Report and Ranking

The last full inspection was in 2007, followed by a follow up short inspection in 2010. The earlier report from 2007 confirmed the school to have achieved the OUTSTANDING rank, whilst the follow up inspection confirmed this status.

In the words of the Ofsted Report:

Langley Grammar is an outstandingly effective school that deserves its very good reputation. As one parent commented, ‘We feel privileged that our children are able to attend such a wonderful school’. A key factor in the school’s success is the promotion of equality and the concern for the individual. This is a school where every child really does matter. As a result, students’ achievements are outstanding and they reach very high standards in tests and examinations at the end of Years 9, 11 and 13. Performance in mathematics is particularly strong, with an exceptionally high proportion of students at age 14 and 16 gaining the highest levels or grades.


Students do not do quite as well in English, although standards are still significantly above average. Senior leaders have rightly identified this as an area for development and the school’s improvement plan provides a comprehensive framework for raising attainment in English. Despite the very high standards, the school is constantly trying to drive them even higher. These results have not been achieved at the expense of students’ social development. Academic success is only part of the picture. Students’ personal development and well-being are also outstanding.




They show greater than average confidence and maturity. The excellent care students receive, as well as the excellent teaching and curriculum play a key role in students’ personal and academic achievements. Students have a zest for learning and display excellent attitudes to all aspects of school life. Leadership and management are outstanding at all levels. The school has no significant weaknesses and has an excellent capacity to improve further. While academic achievement is a very strong focus of this school, this is not at the expense of the students’ personal development. Staff, parents and students are rightly proud of this aspect of the work of the school.

Langley grammar school fees

Being a state school, there are no fees beyond things such as uniform and transportation.


Langley possesses an all-weather Astro turf for sports, a multi-function sports hall. There are also many rooms that can facilitate events and functions. Classrooms are self-described as “state of the art” with electronic boards and seating for thirty students.

Langley Grammar School Catchment area

The catchment area extends around Langley and surrounding areas of Slough and Berkshire. Admission is dependent on Eleven plus test results for year seven entry, whilst Sixth form admission is dependent on GCSE (instead of Eleven plus) results.

Does Langley Grammar school have a Sixth Form?

Yes! This Sixth form has just over 280 students and is highly regarded as excellent. To again quote the Ofsted report:

This is an outstanding sixth form. Students are offered a rich and varied curriculum and are very well supported, both personally and academically. Retention rates are excellent, with almost all Year 11 students staying on to the sixth form. Standards are exceptionally high with a very high proportion of students achieving the highest grades of A and B.

Is Langley Grammar a good school?

We can then see through the praise given to the grammar school by Ofsted that this grammar school is more than good, it is outstanding.

What universities did Langley Grammar school students end up attending?

As of 2017, some of the prestigious institutions Langley Grammar School students have attended are:

  • Oxford
  • Royal Holloway
  • UCL
  • KCL
  • Imperial
  • Birmingham
  • Nottingham
  • Bristol
  • Warwick

Burnham Grammar School

Burnham Grammar School is an academy school situated in Burnham, a village situated between South Buckinghamshire and Slough. Founded in 1960, the school has remained a prestigious institution, and is also a five minute walk from our InTuition PYP centre!

Ofsted Report and Ranking

The school was last inspected in 2012 and attained a “good” ranking, plus a shorter follow up inspection in 2016 determined that Burnham had retained the quality of a good school.

The Ofsted Report notes:

Students’ achievement is good with high attainment and strong progress in most subjects. The quality of teaching is good overall. Students learn new skills and develop their understanding well. The harmonious school community helps students to get on well together, feel very safe and behave well.

Students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is very strong with increasing opportunities for students’ cultural development through the performing arts. The sixth form is good. Students have opportunities to study a broad range of subjects and achieve well in most subjects. Leaders at all levels, including governors, have contributed strongly to the improvements across the school. Strategies to improve teaching have been well-thought through and supported teachers in broadening their skills effectively for the benefit of students.


Burnham Grammar School has a Sixth form of around 200 students. Of this, the report stated that:

In the sixth form achievement is good with strong progress overall and high pass rates for most subjects. Much higher proportions of students complete their courses in the sixth form than found nationally.

In addition to academic facilities, the school has an all-weather Astro turf, two large function halls, and a brand-new educational building to be completed in the near future. 

Is Burnham Grammar school a good school?

We have shown through the report that Burnham Grammar is a good grammar school and is ranked as such by Ofsted reports. The particular strengths of this school are it Sixth Form, in which far more students than the national average complete their courses.

Like all other grammar schools on this guide, admission is dependent on Eleven plus test results for year seven entry, whilst Sixth form admission is dependent on GCSE (instead of Eleven plus) results.

What universities did Burnham Grammar school students end up attending?

Students from Burnham have ended up studying at:

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • UCL
  • KCL
  • Imperial
  • Durham
  • Warwick
  • Reading
  • Royal Holloway.

Herschel Grammar School

Herschel Grammar School is a school that opened in 1958 and is named after the famous astronomer Herschel. The school is an academy and is situated in Northampton Avenue.

Ofsted Report and Ranking

The school was last inspected in 2012. In this inspection, it received the “outstanding” ranking. There have been no follow up inspections up to this point.

The Ofsted report highlights:

Pupils thrive in the school’s academic, yet very caring and secure, environment. Pupils make outstanding progress and achieve excellent results in external examinations. Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are outstanding and contribute to the calm, purposeful ethos in the school and to their progress in lessons. Pupils feel very safe and cared for in school and their attendance is well above average.

Leadership and management are outstanding. The leadership team has a clear vision that is shared by staff, who feel valued and supported. The curriculum is broad and provides excellent opportunities for pupils to develop personal qualities and skills. Arrangements to review and improve the quality of teaching are rigorous and very effective. The quality of teaching is outstanding. Teachers’ expectations are very high, their subject knowledge is excellent and teachers make very good use of assessment. Pupils are very clear about how well they are doing and what to do to improve further but would benefit from even more opportunities to develop their independence and responsibilities.

The sixth form is outstanding. Students are hardworking and ambitious. They contribute to the smooth running of the school. They are extremely well taught and make very good progress; examination results are well above the national average. The governors are well informed and provide excellent support and challenge to the school’s leadership.

Herschel grammar school fees

Being a state academy, there are no school fees beyond expected costs such as equipment, uniform, trips plus lunches.


The school has a Sixth form of about 250 pupils which is praised in the excerpt above. In addition to this, the school has a multi-purpose sports hall, an all weather AstroTurf pitch and hard courts for other sports.

Is Herschel Grammar school a good school?

Herschel has been ranked as better than a good grammar school. Instead, as pointed out by the Ofsted report, the school has been judged to be outstanding thanks to its excellence in enriching both the academic and social lives of its students.

Like all other grammar schools on this guide, admission is dependent on Eleven plus test results for year seven entry, whilst Sixth form admission is dependent on GCSE (instead of Eleven plus) results.

What universities did Herschel Grammar school students end up attending?

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • UCL
  • KCL
  • Brunel
  • SOAS
  • Nottingham
  • Imperial College

St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School

The St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School is perhaps the oldest school in this list, officially being opened in 1897, but with origins going back to 1860. It is a faith school, but you do not need to be Catholic to join, though you may need a letter of recommendation from a faith or community leader.

Ofsted Report and Ranking

This school is renowned for its academics. The GCSE results from 2018 and 2019 have put the school in the top 1% of schools in the country. The last Ofsted report was completed in 2011 and gave the school the “outstanding” ranking.

The report outlines:

St Bernard’s is an outstandingly effective school. The percentage of parents and carers who responded to the inspection questionnaire was extremely high. Almost all of them expressed overwhelming praise for the school. They quite rightly used adjectives such as ‘fantastic’, ‘brilliant’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘exceptional’. Students and staff were equally effusive in their descriptions of the school.

Staff are proud to work at the school. Students enjoy all aspects of school and feel very safe; their behaviour is very mature and considerate. Every single student who completed the questionnaire feels that adults care about them. This underpins their confidence to be enthusiastic and willing learners. Students learn extremely well because so much teaching is of a very high quality.

They make excellent progress and attain outstanding percentages of A*/A grades at GCSE and A level. Practically all sixth-formers proceed to university. At the same time, students’ personal development is a top priority, supported by the school’s thoughtful and effective balance between academic and non-academic needs. In all years, the care, guidance, and welfare and spiritual support students receive are outstanding.


The school has facilities for arts, including drama theatres plus recording facilities and practice rooms. There are also great facilities relating to sports, such as fields. These aspects are also further complimented by trips abroad and domestically, such as to Spain and PGL.

The schools also has a sixth form of around 100 pupils.

Is St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar school a good school?

St Bernard’s is one of the best grammar schools in the country, being able to claim its spot amongst the top 1% of schools regarding GCSE results. In addition to this, its “outstanding” Ofsted rank also speaks to its excellence.

Like all other grammar schools on this guide, admission is dependent on Eleven plus test results for year seven entry, whilst Sixth form admission is dependent on GCSE (instead of Eleven plus) results.

What universities did St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar school students end up attending?

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Durham
  • Warwick
  • KCL
  • UCL

Upton Court Grammar School

The school was founded as Slough Secondary School in 1912. Later it was divided between a girl’s school and boy’s school. These merged in 1952, and in 2013, the school officially changed its name to Upton Court Grammar School.

Ofsted Report and Ranking

The school’s last full inspection was in 2008, in which it was given the “outstanding” ranking, plus an intermittent short inspection in 2014 in which this status was reaffirmed.

The report notes:

Exceptionally high expectations, knowledgeable and skilful staff, and excellent leadership produce an outstanding educational experience for the pupils. The headteacher ensures the school’s vision is put into practice and empowers her senior team and others with responsibilities and key roles to develop and innovate within their areas.

This creative and outgoing team always ensures the students’ best interests drive initiatives. As one pupil commented when asked what his school was like, ‘Pupil orientated – staff believe we are the most important part of the school’. The students enter the school with well above average standards, make excellent progress through their time in school and complete Year 11 with standards that are exceptionally high.

This rate of progress is further accelerated in the sixth form. The students coming in at 16 who have achieved average results in their previous schools make especially rapid progress. These pupils rise to a significant increase in expectations. For example, a student coming from another local school into the 6th form, achieved a B in mathematics at GCSE and is now on target to achieve the highest grades in A level. Many students make these gains in their achievements.


Upton Court is known for its fantastic facilities. These include up to date classrooms plus halls, and music rooms. In 2019, the school opened a brand-new sports centre, which also included a new block of teaching rooms. This school is then always on the upgrade.

Is Upton Court Grammar school a good school?

Upton Court has shown itself to be more than a good high school through its “outstanding” ranking. This is thanks to its excellence in teaching, as well as brand new facilities.

Like all other grammar schools on this guide, admission is dependent on Eleven plus test results for year seven entry, whilst Sixth form admission is dependent on GCSE (instead of Eleven plus) results.

What universities did Upton Court Grammar school students end up attending?

In 2020, students went to:

  • Oxford
  • UCL
  • KCL
  • LSE
  • Queen Mary’s
  • Royal Holloway.

To summarise, what is the best grammar school in Slough?

As you have seen through this guide to Slough Grammar Schools, these is hardly one that can be considered the “best”. All of these schools have been shown to give incredible attention to their student body, and send their pupils to world class institutions. We are lucky in Slough to have such a selection.

As a result, the “best” school would be the ones that you think would suit your child best based on the Ofsted reports with regards to approaches to teaching. All of these grammar schools have admission dependent on the Eleven plus exam. For more information on the 11 Plus, grammar schools and schools in Slough generally, be sure to check out the relevant websites.

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