The inspire programme takes a practical approach to broadening your child’s educational experience. By exposing them to a range of activities, from art to astronomy. Here, we are bridging the gap between home and school with enriching and empowering activities. After being immersed in our unique programme, the student is far more likely to be forthcoming and proactive in developing their own interests. This may take the form of something as simple as suggesting their own book in book club, to bringing forward a whole new aspect of the programme centred on their own interests. Presentation skills will be honed in debating clubs, and more creative skills would fostered in the creative arts.

This is where learning truly becomes limitless. Our long term aims for our students are as exciting as they are. An emphasis on the technically minded to gain a rounded ability in computer programming, with more creative or business minded students being mentored in how to approach the world of business. Our business programme will be supported every step of the way by local businessmen and women, who will not only inspire and educate but be able to offer internships and opportunities as our students grow in their maturity and confidence.

Given that 65% of the future workforce will be working in roles that do not currently exist, a broad exposure to as many different aspects of the working world as possible is essential to do what most of current schooling does not: future proof your child’s education to the greatest extent possible.

If you want to be a part of this growing movement!

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