Key stage 1 and 2 Tuition Burnham

At the beginning of school there is a clear focus on building the fundamental skills needed for further learning: numeracy and literacy.

Thus, an emphasis on basic mathematics and English language skills is at the core of what we deliver for our students at this stage of their education.

We may deliver this knowledge in a manner that is more engaging to what is typically delivered at school, using techniques such as discovery-based learning, and taking student lead approach to ensure that creativity is valued.

There is a danger that primary education can be reduced to a tick box exercise, where topics are covered and answers merely need to match what is written in the back of a textbook. By cutting the student-teacher ratio, and taking the time to understand what natural abilities and interests our youngest students have, we ensure that understanding and depth is delivered along with a fluency in the tools needed for further education.


KS 3

GCSE Tuition Burnham




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