Key Stage 1 (KS1) Tuition in Slough

Key Stage 1 is an extremely important part of a child’s educational journey. It lays the foundation for their experience of education, developing crucial skills such as reading and basic maths. As such, a good Key Stage 1 education is critical in a child’s long term academic career.

As parents, you will most likely be very stressed in trying to ensure that this part of their education is fulfilled to its fullest. But worry no more! We at InTuition PYP have written this fantastic guide to help you through this difficult process. We are here to show you the best Key Stage 1 tuition in Slough!

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Still not convinced? Then contact us and organise your free tuition session today! This will get you to really see how we work and why we are so successful in our work. The free hour session will consist of multiple parts:

  • Introduction and tour: Welcome to our centre! We will show you around and explain basic safety drills and safeguarding, as well as get to start to know your child.
  • Meeting the tutor: Here we will out lovely Key stage 1 tutors! They have wonderful and long experience in teaching, and will make your child feel comfortable and read to learn.
  • Baseline assessment and tests: Our tutor will give your child some basic problems and puzzles to see how exactly they learn and how they feel comfortable in their learning environment.
  • Guided lesson: Here, the tutor teaches the child, using cues understood from the assessment section. The tutor really gets a feel with how to work with the child.
  • Parent discussion and strategies: Here, the above processes will be summarised and discussed. The parents and tutors will discuss what exactly they will achieve over the course of tuition, and plan out exactly how this will be done.


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What makes us the preferred Slough tuition centre?

We are the preferred Slough tuition centre by parents and their children!

Our ethos of PYP boils down to PURSURE YOUR PURPOSE. This essentially means that we make students active participants in their education. They see and learn their worth and what they are capable of and through our interactive lessons, pursue these goals. Children thus become active participants in their education. This is especially important at the Key stage 1 phase because children get bored easily. Making them engaged with the topics helps a lot in their attainment. This is shown by the wonderful scores we have achieved.


Do you offer online KS1 tutoring?

As Covid restrictions start to ease up, we are pleased to announce that the vast majority of our courses will finally be running in person once again! This is especially crucial for our younger students in key stage 1 who often found online education, such as school, especially difficult. We can not over state the importance of contact for children of this age range.

However, we appreciate that not everyone is ready to come back to the classroom, and some parents may have issues with safety relating to their children. If you desperately wish for an online session, we may be able to accommodate this. Contact us and we will see what we can do.

Overview of what out tuition course/lessons will include


For key stage one, English comprises of three stages. These are:

  • Phonics
  • Writing
  • Reading

Each of these three segments feed into wider English education, and help children with their fluency and skills in English in a holistic manner.


Maths at key stage one covers a wide range of topics, but primarily relies on basic addition and subtraction, looking at various other ways in which these operations are done.


Other tuition services we offer

We at InTution offer a wide range of additional content for key stage one and beyond, supporting your child at every level in their education.

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Summary – Key stage 1 tuition in Slough

Send your child to our recognised tuition today to ensure their success in their foundation years of education. Give them the start they need with InTuition PYP. Contact us today!


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