Key Stage 2 (KS2) Tuition in Slough

Key Stage 2 is critical for children and their educational process as they prepare for some seminal exams such as the Eleven plus and the year 6 SATs, as well as preparing to move to new schools and getting ready for key stage 3 in completely new environments. As such, a good education in key stage 2 is critical for children in setting them up for success in life.

A great compliment to this to try and ensure that success can come through tuition. As such, we at InTuition has come out with this guide to our fantastic key stage 2 services. Come and see why we are the preferred key stage 2 tuition in Slough!


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If you’re still not convinced about our ability to help your child in key stage 2 through our fantastic testimonials and explanations of our tutors’ system, we can offer a free trial to get things rolling so that you can see for yourself.

This would be an hour long session focused around key stage 2 tuition in our burnham centre.

The hour session would go according to this plan:

Introduction and tour. This part of the session will be showing the key stage 2 student around, showing them where they would be studying, and going over basic safety and fire drills.

Assessments and baseline. This part of the session will focus on brief written and arithmetic tests to see exactly where the student is.

Lesson. Here the tutor will take the student through a lesson, seeing how they learn and working accordingly.

Feedback and plan. Here, the student and tutor and parents will meet to discuss the results of the assessments and lessons. They will then come up with 3 Long term goals as well as a path to how to achieve these.

That is the free hour! Book it today!

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What makes us the preferred Slough tuition centre?

We are the preferred tuition centre in Slough. There are many testimonies around from both parents and children attesting to this. But here we will focus on the main reasons.

One of the reasons we are known for exceptional key stage 2 tuition is because of our fantastic team of tutors. Our tutors are all experts within their respective subjects, whether that is through their degrees or careers. For example, we have accountants teaching maths, and historians teaching history. With these subject masters, we see our tutors bring subjects to life for our key stage 2 students. Students then come to be very passionate about their studies as they see the real life implications and meanings of their subjects.

This helps them see the value of their learning and makes them strive to achieve more. As such, our expert tutors are part of how we pursue our ethos; PURSUE YOUR PURPOSE. We make our students passionate about what they can and want to achieve, and help them achieve it! This is why we are loved and renowned throughout Slough as some of the best educational support around, helping children strive.


Do you offer online KS2 tutoring?

Studies have found that key stage 2 children were disproportionately effected by the Covid 19 lockdowns. This is because this age is crucial in forming social bonds between young ones. As such, the online education was detrimental to the social abilities and development and education of many key stage 2 children. As such, we are excited to be able to announce the return of our in person sessions as covid regulations ease up.

However, we appreciate that for some parents and children with exceptional health needs, things will not be normal for a long time. As such, if a student needs online tutoring in a virtual space, contact us and we will try our best to accommodate this.


Overview of what out tuition course/lessons will include


English tuition is divided between reading, writing and speaking. This is to ensure a holistic mastery over all the different aspects of English as a school subjects. Writing will focus on convey ideas through the written word, reading will focus on the ability to analyse texts they read at school and speaking will focus on the ability to communicate ideas through correct spoken English.


The maths programme is a varied and extensive one which will cover whatever the children will be doing at school  and supporting them with that.


Other tuition services we offer in Slough


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Especially relevant to key stage 2 is the 11 plus tuition we offer for students, designed by experts behind the exams.


GCSE tutoring service in Slough

When your children graduates from key stage 1 onto key stage 2 to KS3, the next important stage in their intellectual life is the GCSEs.


Maths tutor Slough

Our Maths classes are some of the best in slough, as they are led by experts such as accountants.


Summary – Key stage 2 tuition in Slough

Come and sample our fantastic and well renowned services for key stage 2 tuition today!

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