Key Stage 3 (KS3) Tuition in Slough

Key stage 3 tuition is the stage of education from years 7 to 9. This is a crucial stage of a students development as it links the foundations of year 6 to the very importance GCSE preparation from year 10 to 11. As such, a successful education in key stage 3 is a key part in success later in life, particularly GCSEs, A levels and even beyond at university.

It can then seem like massive pressure for parents as they try to support their children through out this key stage 3 phase of their education. But fear not! We at InTuition PYP have put together this short and wonderful guide to help guide you to the best tuition centre around with courses and lessons in key subjects such as  English.

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The trial session follows this basic formula:

Welcome and introduction: key stage 3 students will be bought to the centre and shown which areas they will be working with and with who. Also we will go over basic safety drills such as fire procedures and lockdowns.

Assessments and tests: the key stage 3 students will be given baseline assessments in year 7 English and maths so as to determine where they will start from, and if work needs to be harder or easier.

Lesson: the tutor will then go through a lesson based on the students school work to determine how exactly they learn. Are they visual learners? Auditory listeners? are they a mix of both? Or something else entirely? This is how we optimise your child’s learning behaviours.

Feedback: Here, the students, parents and tutors get together for a meeting. This meeting will outline how the student has performed, any important notes, and the group will come up with an

ks3 key stage 3 tuition in slough


KS 3





What makes us the preferred Slough tuition centre?

Students all across Slough prefer InTuition PYP. The parents of these students similarly are big fans of the centre. You can find testimonials all across the internet attesting to the success InTuition has induced in its students.

This comes down mainly to our PYP ethos! Standing for PURSUE YOUR PURPOSE, and how this ethos is implemented by our expert tutors throughout their lessons.

This is because our tutors are professionals in their subjects, and know them inside and out. For example our Slough maths tutors are professional accountants and economics students. Our science tutors are biology and chemistry students. Our Slough English teachers know their texts inside and out, and our history teachers are historians.

With this intimate knowledge of their subjects and passions, tutors are able to inspire a genuine commitment and wonder for their subjects with their pupils. Students thus become active participants in their education and strike for their own amazing grades. This is an extremely valuable mindset to foster in key stage 3 as it helps students when they get to GCSE level.


Do you offer online KS3 Tutoring?

We are pleased to announce that with the easing of covid restrictions, we are now entirely back in physical class rooms! NHS reports and many independent studies have concluded that lockdown has disproportionately effected key stage 3 students with their mental health, leading to many issues. We can then not understate the importance of physical contact and space for a student to excel.

However we also appreciate that due to health needs, some students are unable or may be more reluctant to join physical class rooms once again. As such, if virtual teaching on an online space is something your child needs for key stage 3, do contact us and we may be able to accommodate this.


Overview of what out tuition course/lessons will include


The English course for key stage 3 is divided into the two parts that students will come across in their GCSE exams:

Literature and language.

Literature aspects of tuition will focus mainly on texts, whether they be novels or plays, and being able to analyse them and articulating our thoughts on them in ways that will build successful structures for GCSEs.

Language aspects of English will focus on things such as persuasive writing, language features and other ways we utilise language through text and speech.

Combining these two facets of English, our key stage 3 students get a holistic and successful English support service. These lessons and courses will be sure to improve your child’s English.


Our maths programme is designed to support students throughout their school exercises. As such, the maths is done on a topic by topic basis on conjunction with school topics. This also means helping students what they need help with in particular and doing multiple exam papers together.

Other tuition services we offer:

At intuition PYP, we offer a variety of other titling services too!

11 plus tuition Slough:

For students before key stage 3, the 11 plus service in Slough is a fantastic way to get them to start key stage 3 in a way you want them to.

GCSE tuition Slough:

Building on the Key stage 3 sessions, students here are shown how to excel in their GCSE exams. This helps them get into their schools of choice for A Levels.

Maths tutor Slough

Our Maths classes are some of the best in slough, as they are led by experts such as accountants.


Key stage 3 tuition in Slough

This is the best tuition centre for key stage 3 and beyond. Call us today and get your child ready to excel in their future through different courses and lessons!


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