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Slough is a competitive area when it comes to schools, results, grades and exams. One of the last regions to retain the Eleven Plus exam, filled with competitive grammar schools, home to one of the largest employment providers in the world through Slough Trading Estate, and located with access to major universities, Slough is a location where good grades matter more than most.

One of the most foundational subjects in this competition is Maths, a subject all students are required to take till at least the GCSE level. As such, Maths is then a key component in a child’s education, from the start to the end. Further, it is an integral component in real life situations, with maths informing decisions such as mortgages, rent, investments, pay rate, and many others.

It is then imperative to ensure your child gets ahead in maths early. Thankfully, we at InTuition PYP know the value of a rigorous maths tutoring/education across all levels and key stages and are here to help you and your child through the often-stressful education process. Join us for the best maths tuition Slough!


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Math tuition centre in Slough

Why choose Intuition PYP as your go to Maths tuition centre?

We at InTuition PYP stand by the basic motto of PYP; Pursue Your Purpose. This line dictates every move we make with tutoring. But what exactly does this mean?

This means we are fully committed on every level to ensure that every child is able to reach their own full potential. The idea of an “own” potential is key, as children are encouraged to understand their own place in education with our assistance, and become actively invested in their results and progress.

Maths is a subject many students struggle with, with their parents struggling too. This makes it harder for many adults and children alike to navigate maths in education.

With the PYP principles in mind, we are committed to ensuring that your child is ready to tackle maths as a subject, and making them actively invested in it, removing stress of grades and being able to transmit information from you.

Each tutor is also specially chosen across the principles of expert knowledge, passion and commitment. This ensures the tutor tutoring your child works with is the best of the best. Only the greatest can tutor with InTuition PYP.


KS 1 & 2

KS 3




FREE trial maths tutoring lesson!

To make sure that you are 100% satisfied and confident in your decision to ensure your child’s mathematics education to us, InTution PYP is happy to offer the first tuition session for children for absolutely 0 cost.

We will take the child for a brief tour around the centre, and proceed to have a session for an hour, working out how best to get the child to achieve their potential in maths, and discuss with you how best to continue.

Here they will also meet their maths tutor. All this in the first maths tutorial trial session. Book yours now, and set your children on to the pass of success.


What makes a great maths tutor?

As a Slough tuition centre, we know exactly what goes into making a fantastic tutor. We look explicitly for commitment, passion, and expert knowledge when selecting out tutors, so you can rest easy knowing that your child’s education is in expert hands.

Choose the perfect maths tutor in Slough

We have an exceptional line up of maths tutors, able to ensure a fantastic start and support for your child’s educational needs. Let’s meet a few


Currently about to move to his second year studying medicine, Nadim is the perfect example of what perfection of STEM subjects like maths can achieve. A keen and enthusiastic tutor, Nadeem is able to embed his passion for sciences and maths into every lesson he gives, personalising them vividly.

This allows him to help your child achieve their purpose and excel in maths, and life more generally. Your child too can involve themselves in high reward degrees like medicine. The perfect tutor for your child.


Amrit is an accountant in training. As a result, she uses numbers every hour of every single day. It is literally her life. As such, she makes a fantastic maths tutor, as she lives with numbers and works with them every day.

Her personal experiences as an accountant help immensely in helping her students pursue their purpose by showing them the everyday application and use of maths.

These applications range from basic working how to equally divide a pizza pie between friends, to being able to forge careers such as accountancy from a mastery of numbers and maths more broadly. A fantastic tutor across the board.

Small group maths lessons

Our Maths tutoring sessions are usually based around groups, with a minimum of two students to a tutor, to a maximum of six per tutor. This is to ensure that tutors are never overwhelmed, and able to give sufficient attention to each child. This ensure a very high standard of teaching, whilst also ensuring students are active.

Small group numbers also help develop children in confidence and teamwork, vital skills for developing their own self image, as well as useful and marketable skills more generally. Students will be given homework regularly, which will be marked, and participate with other students to complete group and induvial tasks, ensuring a wholistic approach and development of a wide array of skills.

One on One Maths Lessons 

An alternative prospect is to send your child for private maths tuition with us. This may be the better choice for parents who believe their children need direct one to one attention, and/or cannot work well in larger groups. The private one to one sessions entail what you would expect.

Students are walked through and taught various techniques on a personal level in ways that would apply largely only to them. This ensures that every lesson is designed exclusively to fit the learning habits and needs of your child. These new techniques are tested rigorously through homework to ensure perfection, with corrections gone through to ensure students know exactly how to perfect various mathematical techniques.

This is supplemented by testing and maths mock exams every couple of weeks, to ensure students understand how to tie all these techniques and progress together. All in all then. The one to one maths tuition sessions are rigorous ones for students who feel they need that extra kick in tuition to pursue their purpose.


How Much does Maths Tuition Cost?

As noted, the first trial session comes at no cost you.

For other sessions, call us on 01753378222 to learn more about our Slough tuition services


Why Invest In Your Child’s Maths Education?

Maths is a subject your child will continuously use throughout their life. From mundane every day activities, such as dividng pizzas and bills equally between friends, to more complex and life changing decisions, such as calculating interests on mortgages.

This is all to say that maths pervades every aspect of a student’s life. Students need to master this skill to progress into various fields and successful careers. Further having at least a pass in a Maths GCSE is a mandatory standard for every child in this country.

Children who complete Maths GCSEs successfully can expect to look into these A-levels:

  • Maths
  • Further Maths
  • ICT
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology                
  • Engineering
  • Design and Technology

A successful grade in a Maths A level can allow access to the following degrees:

  • Maths
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Computer Engineering
  • …And many more leading to high end careers with high average salaries.


Fields our Maths Students have Entered

Our Maths tutees have done extremely well for themselves. We have helped students get into Upton Court Grammar School through advancing their maths abilities. Students have also gone on to achieve Bs and As in their mathematics A Levels, ensuring fantastic choices for universities.


Past Testimonials

InTuition PYP was a fantastic experience for me and helped me a lot in school. I started to excel in my maths grades, and made many friends and experiences along the way. I have enjoyed every moment, and I have become a lot more confident in my work and myself. I have truly started to pursue my purpose. Thank you InTuition PYP!

  • Eesa, 16 years old maths students discussing how maths GCSE tuition Slough at PYP has helped him a lot.


Other Services we Offer


GCSE Tuition

Our Burnham GCSE programme is renowned for its thorough nature and holistic approach across multiple subjects to prepare students for crucial exams that dictate the direction of their A levels and apprenticeships. Ask regarding online options. (One tutor to a maximum of six children)

11 Plus Tuition Slough

Slough is one of the few places in the country that still retains the 11 Plus exam. As such it has major competition for many of its prestigious secondary school places. Don’t be left behind, ensure your child gets a place at a grammar school through our 11 Plus course in Slough! Staffer by excellent maths and general tutors. Inquire for online option. (One tutor to a maximum of six children)

Science Tuition

Staffed by many science specialist tutors, InTuition PYP is always able to provide the best science tutoring in Slough. This is available at all stages, key stages, levels and abilities. This also operates in all three sciences; biology, chemistry and physics. Check out our science courses today! Inquire for online options. (One tutor to a maximum of six children)

Private One to One Sessions

These maths tutoring sessions utilise our specialise tutors in versatile ways in accordance to how you need your child to be taught. These are flexible sessions which can support students in every and any subject, allowing for a wide and varied approach to tuition. Join this class for personalised lessons with our general tutors and maths tutors! Inquire for online options. (One tutor to one child)


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