SATs Preparation Year 6 – How to ensure your child succeeds

Are you a parent, stressed about the fact your child is about to start the dreaded SATs? Or are you a year six student, having your head filled with constant pressure about this new exam?

Well fret not! We here as InTuition PYO have put together this easy to read and comprehensive guide on year 6 SATs. Carry on reading to grasp the preparation for the exam, what it’s for, why it’s important, and how you can get help for the SATs.

Here you’ll see plenty of tips and tricks to get you a head above the rest in your SATs preparation year 6.

What are SAT exams for year 6?

year 6 students sats preparationThe SAT stands for Standardised Assessment Tests, and are administered to children in year two and six. They exist as one way to mark the quality of a school’s provided education, and as such are a big focus of government direction and school administration.

More pressing for students in year six, and the thing that gets parents most stressed, is how these exams are often used by secondary schools for early streaming and other processes by which a secondary school may divide and treat children.

As such, it is key for students who wish for a strong start in key stage three and secondary school more generally to excel in these exams. Luckily for you, this guide will go over the fundamentals needed to ace these exams.


Do year 6 have to do SATs?

Yes. The SATs are a mandatory exam for all students to take at year six. This is precisely because of the above mentioned reasons; that it is a marker of education and used for streaming. There is no way for a year six or year two student to get out of doing the SATs.

Are SATs Cancelled for 2021 Year 6?

Throughout 2019 and 2020, many exams were cancelled due to the covid 19 pandemic. The range of exams that were cancelled were exhaustive, ranging from university exams and papers, to GCSEs, A levels and of course our SATs. This was revealed to have a drastic and terrible effect on children in negative ways.

For one, it effected mental health poorly. In addition, it either drastically increased or drastically decreased attainment for students. As a result, the goal of educational boards across the world this year is to keep exams going as they otherwise normally would. As such, it is expected that exams will go ahead this year as normal.

However, this is subject to change depending on how the situation changes. Always pay attention to updates. With that out of the way, lets go over how to prepare for the exams.

Work Hard

Exams are hard. This means that you will not just be able to waltz into an exam hall and ace your SATs. Remember the SATs for year six are designed to be reflective of the work you have done from year three to year six.

So, this is around three years or 1095 days! That is a lot of time. This means that the SATs is designed to be testing you for 1095 days of studying.

These exams then assume a lot of practice and discipline in the lead up to them, assessing each part of your development in key/core subjects such as English and maths especially.

As such, you need to be working hard. To do well in the SATs requires determination and effort. If you have those things, that drastically increases your chances of succeeding in them. So be prepared! Materially and mentally, you need to be prepared for working hard.

Regiment and Plan

science and maths sats tipsTo do well in your SATs, you need to be revising effectively and strategically. This means that you can not be wasting time by not knowing what practice and questions and subject you are going to be doing on a specific day.

So you will get the most out of revision by planning everything by organising your timetables to know what you are doing when. When you have a timetable that you can abide to regularly, you can make sure that you are doing the work that needs to be done across English and maths to achieve good SATs grades.

Don’t Work Too Hard!

Exam burnout is a condition in children that aversely effects mental health in negative ways, resulting in horrible thoughts, underperformance, general sadness and other unpleasant consequences. This is especially true when children are to prepare for the SATs. According to the BBC, the following symptoms are:

  • Feeling exhausted
  • feeling depleted of the motivation to perform to the standard that you were before
  • feelings of cynicism, such as feeling as though what you’re currently doing is pointless and won’t help you in the future
  • no longer enjoying a course or other activities that you once did
  • feeling isolated

If the above is you, do not be afraid to ask for help. Tell a trusted adult and take a break for a while to help you get back up to speed.

Take a break and reward yourself

The SATs are a big part of your childhood. But so is being a child! Your happiness and social life is a crucial aspect of your mental wellbeing. In fact, being a happy, social child has directly correlated with higher attainment in education!

The past two years have shown us how important mental health is to general wellbeing. Do not throw that away! As the age old saying goes; work hard, play hard. Remember to work well and hard, but do not forget to chill out too!

Do practise Questions

Practise questions can be found fairly readily through teachers, tuition centres and other places you look. This is one of the most important aspects of preparing for SATs because it gets children familiar with the various kinds of questions, formats, and techniques they are expected to know for the SATs papers.

As a result, the importance of doing past paper questions cannot be over stated to those trying to get a good grade in their SATs. Do your past questions! SATs practice and papers is the key to help for preparation in the SATs and learning in school more generally.

Use a tutor or tuition centre

Some students struggle intensely with certain subjects. This is not a bad thing and indeed is quite natural. Afterall, no one is good at everything! But in education, we can often do something about the things we are not good at. For example, a child might struggle with maths. This comes through the practise and guidance of a tutor, more often than not.

A good tutor can truly turn around a child’s life by helping with that maths. With help and more articles regarding tuition for the SATs exams, we have several blogs on the subjects. Parents can also contact us with the details provided for help with preparation and revision for the SATs, as well as key information regarding school and learning more generally at any time.

We provide Year 6 revision worksheets

As a trusted and well-loved tuition centre, we are well equipped with all the resources you and your child needs to get through the SATs exams. These worksheets, papers, questions plus their answers for SATs preparation are readily available to our students at anytime. If you are with us and require resources, let us know and we will happily and readily provide them for you.

In addition, as a fully-fledged tuition centre, our team of expert tutors are able to guide your students through all of them, helping them over come any and all difficulties they face.

We provide Maths SATs revision year 6

We provide tuition for all SATs. These programmes are particularly for those who struggle with the SATs core subjects of maths and English across year three to year six.

However, they are also accessible and for any child who wish to perfect their grades across these time frames. Contact us today through any means to see how we can book your child in for SATs revision, allowing them to be guided by expert tutors, as well as access to a large pool of recourses that will help children pursue their purpose!

What parents had to say about our SATs and tutoring services

We were extremely satisfied with the experience our son had at InTuition PYP. The work was both challenging and rewarding, with our son being able to enjoy his time at InTuition whilst also having a fulfilling and enriching experience, with plenty to learn as he progressed!

We would absolutely recommend this fantastic service for others, given we have seen firsthand how fantastic the experience was for our child. This centres did what it promised, allowed our child to pursue his purpose!

  • Sayid Bukhari, father of a child who was at InTuition PYP and was streamed into the top sets at Grammar School.

Summary- Preparing for SATs exam year 6

In summary, we have six main tips for those aiming to get high grades in their SATs exams:

  • Work hard
  • Timetable
  • Don’t work too hard
  • Take breaks
  • Do practise questions
  • Utilize a tutor, at school or a centre.

If you master these six simple tips, you too will achieve a fantastic SATs grade, setting you up for success in secondary school! For tips and help with regards to tuition and enquiries related to the SATs and SATs preparation, contact us today at any timefor help!

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