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The SATs (standardised assessment tests) are an iconic part and feature of British schooling. They are used in year two to stream children into sets for key stage two, and again used in year six in trying to stream children and have results for administration in secondary schools.

As such the SATs are crucially important. Many have even suggested them to be more important than the Eleven Plus exams. However, we are not here to discuss which exam is harder or more important or anything like that.

Questions like that are rarely, if ever, very helpful. Instead, this brief article is intended to help you understand the SATs, what they are, what they are used for, and how to ensure your child is successful throughout them with the help of tuition. Keep reading to know more about the SATs and SATs tuition in Slough today!


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To help you succeed in your SATs, we know that tuition is a proven method. For all exams through out time, revision and tuition has been proven to be extremely effective. This has even been in proven in exams meant to test “natural aptitude” such as the Eleven Plus or SATs.

As such, you can be certain that in the vast majority of cases, tuition will benefit the score and attainment of your child in the SATs.

And we at InTuition provide the best services tailored to the specific needs of your children, shown by the wonderful reviews and testimonies to our brilliance that can easily be seen across the web.

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Still not convinced?

Well we can book you in for a FREE trial session to make sure you know the quality you are getting when you sign up to Intuition PYP.

This free trial session will take around roughly an hour and will go over key points such as how your child learns, how to accommodate that, and drawing out clear and precise targets that will help your children achieve their goals. As well at this will be written out pathways to achieve such goals.


Year 6 tuition in Slough

Year 6 as a year group is often neglected for tuition. This is because tuition for primary schools is mainly focused on year 5 because students sit the eleven plus at the beginning of year 6. This is especially true in slough given the attention given to the eleven plus exams due to the plethora of grammar schools available. As such, it is hard to find good tuition for year 6 students as tuition is generally neglected after the eleven plus point.

We at InTuition PYP however, we plug this gap. We provide quality educational lessons in English and maths for your child for those in year 6 (key stage 2) with our SATs tutors, ensuring a good level of learning and attainment in the SAT exams.


Preparation for KS1 and KS2 English and Maths exams

Employing a range of fantastically professional and wonderful tutors who know their subjects like the back of their hands, we are the key to getting year 2 in key stage 1 and year 6 in key stage 2 ready for their maths and English exams.

Our specialist tutors follow our PYP ethos;

  • Pursue
  • Your
  • Purpose

This ethos ensures that our key stage 1 and key stage 2 students across years 2 and 6 are able to visualise the importance of their work, making them active participants in the learning process. We thus revolutionise teaching and education for these students.


We are now open for 2021/2022 courses

The previous years have been monumentally difficult for many students, with tuition being for online SATs in English and maths. This wass not great for childrens taking various lessons, and led to deficiencies in learning. As such, many who may have struggled with work through out that time have been trying to adapt to digital attempts and ways to do well in the tuition and preparation for their SAT exams. So don’t be late! Contact us today to get a place on our busy and acclaimed SAT courses for 2021 and 2022 today, conveniently based in slough for you!


What are SATs?

SATs stands for standardised assessment tests, and are used and given to students usually in year 2 and 6. These exams are used for multiple different reasons. They may be used for streaming in secondary school, but they’re also quantified to show how well a school is doing generally. As such, it is imperative that one does well in their SATs.

The SATs are made of two key components, the English part and the maths part. These two parts assess the students on the curriculum to ensure they have studied these essential skills for secondary school. SATs are then a market of a child’s success in proving what they’ve learnt.


Why are SATs important?

SATs are important because as explained above, they are there to show what a child has succeeded in and how well a school is doing. It is vital for streaming, so success in SATs helps further educational success. As such, SATs are important because they determine how and where a student will be placed in key stage 2 following year 2 SATs and key stage 3 following year 6 SATs.


Year 2 SATs

The year 2 SATs are taken at the end of key stage 1 when children are in year 2. These are done to mark progress across key stage 1 and ensure students are ready and streamed for the beginning of key stage 2 in year 3.

Year 6 SATs

The year 6 SATs are markers of success following the completion of key stage 2 by pupils. The results of these exams are then used to inform ideas of progress following key stage 2 and may be used by secondary schools to stream their students.


Why choose Intuition PYP as your go-to tuition centre in Slough?

You should choose us because we are the favourite of students and parents in Slough for tuition. This is because of our PYP ethos and the success we achieve with it.

PYP means to pursue your purpose, and that is what our students do. We ensure that through encouragement and motivation, students see their value, their purpose, and help them actively achieve it. Thus, we get students the grades they need. This is shown by the success we have had in getting students into grammar schools.


Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 lessons we offer:

KS1 maths SATs:

This course focuses on basic subtraction, addition, multiplication and basic worded maths puzzles and problems.

KS1 English SATs:

This course focuses on basic comprehension of written material, helping children focus on the meanings of words.

KS2 Maths SATs:

The focus of this class is on more advanced operations such as long division and other such techniques. This is to ensure a solid foundation for the SATs exam, but also life long skills as students advance to key stage 3.

KS2 English SATs:

Here the focus is on more complex aspects of things such as grammar and textual analysis. Similar to the maths programme, the focus here is both the SATs and transferable skills to Key stage 3.


Summary – SATs tuition Slough

We are without a doubt a tuition centre that focuses on scaffolding and developing our children holistically. As such, we are known for fantastic tuition across the board with our team of fantastic tutors. Contact us today and we can help your child achieve their success!



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