Benefits of the InTuition Initiative​

In order to understand the benefits of the InTuition initiative, we must first come to terms with the crux of the issue; one that lies so deeply in the education system as we know it. Yet, perhaps it is what we don’t quite ascertain from this system that makes it so pivotal a discussion?
The National Curriculum was designed in order to do the very thing that makes it so problematic. It’s purpose to adhere to ‘national’ interests makes it incredibly broad and subsequently dismissive of the individual needs of every child in their uniqueness. Time and time again, we are faced with the realities of extremely bright students restricted by the limiting educational environment and InTuition seeks to tackle this very hurdle.
If there was a way to revolutionise the style of teaching in order to create immersive, interactive lessons, the initial steps for eradicating the existing issues within the system could be fore-taken. Placing a student at the forefront of the classroom and adapting our approach accordingly, InTuition fulfils this very purpose. Our specially trained and experienced tutors share the vision that encompasses our message of fundamental reformation.

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