Who we are!

At InTuition we believe there are better ways to educate the hearts and minds of young people in addition to what the current educational system can offer.

There is a need for a fresh approach to learning which truly nurtures the unique talents and creativity possessed by each individual student. A need for a powerful new learning journey which equips students with both the life skills and knowledge to help them discover and pursue their purpose.

With this bold vision in mind, InTuition PYP was founded and the precedent for an exciting new journey in transforming the educational landscape was set!

InTuition was born from a deep seated unease over where modern education is heading. We ourselves were left underwhelmed and unsatisfied at our schooling experiences, where we were at times reduced to the results achieved after 11 and 13 years at our respective institutions.

The need for an educational hub such as intuition was borne out by experiences with, the in many cases empathic and well meaning teachers who were our substitute parents themselves being exasperated and incapable of truly helping equip us for our future lives as adults in the 21st century, using an outdated 19th century factory model.

Our Pillars

Using our four pronged approach below of tuition, home schooling, InTuition Inspire, and PYP Mentorships programme, we cater for children who are currently in school as well as those who are not. Our movement is ambitious, and we aim to expand our enrichment activities to adapt to the needs of the ever-increasing numbers of students who pass through our doors as well as remaining ever prepared to seek our novel learning experiences and expertise for the individual needs of anyone who passes through our doors.


Offering a full suite of school support, from primary (key stages 1 to 2), to the beginning of secondary (key stage three), right through to GCSE and A-Level.


We have a complete range of services to help homeschooling families in the form of classes, structured learning programmes, as well access to the active network of homeschooling families who are part of the intuition family.


Enriching our students’ lives by offering experiences that aren’t typically available in school. This may be delivered in anything from mind expanding talks from coaches and experts in their fields



Working with both students and their parents to facilitate the beautiful process that learning can be when the student is engaged because they feel not only listened to but invested towards a goal which is of value to them.

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

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