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The sciences are key subjects for students at all levels to excel in to access prestigious university courses and high paying jobs. As a result, many parents understand that it is in the best interests of them and their children to attain as highly as they can in these subjects.

But it can often be confusing to know exactly what you are investing in. Science at some key stages refers to a single subject, sometimes it can refer to two, and other times it is divided into the three subjects of biology, chemistry and physics.

We at InTuition PYP understand how confusing these different terms and stages may appear. As a result, we have formulated expert tuition plans for students across all stages, ages and abilities to ensure we getting students the best science scores possible, through working with an expert science tutor.

Keep reading to find out more about our outstanding science tuition in Slough!


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Why choose Intuition PYP as your go to science tuition centre?

  • Easy, accessible location

The InTuition PYP centre is conveniently located in Burnham Slough at the end of Burnham high street. As such, it is easily accessible. Arrival by foot is convenient around Burnham village and near by parts of Slough.

Public transport connects the village to South Bucks and Slough more broadly, whilst road access allows for private vehicles to also reach the village quite easily.

Further than this, InTuition has alternate access options for the less able, with ramp access demonstrating our commitment to reaching and teaching as many students as possible. Come join us for tuition for all years at Buckinghamshire!

  • Unique Work Ethic      

Our centre operates on a simple yet effective premise; PYP.

PursueYour Purpose

With these simple words, the tutor inspires their students to excel in every aspect of their education. By instilling the idea of purpose into our students, they become active players, invested in their education.

As a result, students start to take education seriously as they see the worth in attaining good grades to help them in their path. We help students see their purpose, and then pursue those aims, helping students to lead fulfilling social and academic lives.

  • Rigorous and Proven Teaching Methods

Our students so fantastically, with a marked improvement in academic attainment shortly after joining up. This has been shown by the fantastic Eleven Plus, A level and GCSE Slough results that our students have attained over the last year, even with the restrictions and hardship of the covid 19 pandemic.

As such, we are then clearly a centre able to help children with their educational needs. Each student is also taught by an expert tutor.


KS 1 & 2

KS 3




FREE trial Science tutoring lesson!

Still not convinced of our astounding offers? Then enjoy a FREE first science tutoring session with us at InTuition PYP. This session is to ensure that you are one hundred percent confident and satisfied in your decision to entrust the education of your child with us. The free science trial tuition session covers students of all key stages and abilities.

It is about determining at what level your  child is at, how they learn so that the teaching experience is tailored to them, and how we will go about moving forward. Any questions and requests are also welcome at this point. Your child will also meet a science tutor, and the session will last roughly an hour.

How much does Science tuition cost?

This is dependent on the type of session:

One on One rate in Slough: call us on 01753378222 to learn more.

Group session in Slough:  call us on 01753378222 to learn more.

Why invest in your child’s science education?

The sciences are critical for students who wish to pursue science and maths degrees at a university level. These include degrees such as medicine, mathematics, engineering, biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, accounting, pharmacy, palaeontology, geology, and others.

As you can see, these are extremely high paying and prestigious degrees that lead to high paying jobs such as doctors, pharmacists and engineers. As such, if a science or maths centred degree and/or career is where your child would like to end up, it is imperative to invest to the science aspect of their education.

Our Science Tutors

We at InTuition PYP pride ourselves on the fantastic quality of our handpicked tutors. We scout out for the best of the best. This is done because we know that a tutor is not just a tutor.

Rather, a tutor is a role model as well as a tutor. Our tutors are picked on three main principles: expert knowledge, passion, and commitment. These three elements in conjunction ensure that we have only the greatest tutors available to teach your child and help them attain the highest grades they possibly can. Let’s meet some of our science tutors!

Science tutor – Nadeem

Nadeem is the perfect example of what successful science-based educations can achieve. HE is a second-year biology and chemistry student university, and shortly moving onto medicine. As such, your student will have an active role model right before them, actively inspiring them to attain what they can and work their hardest in pursuit of this to that they also be in such a position to get a prestigious degree and move onto a high paying job when all is completed.

In addition to this, Nadeem is a fantastic and proven tutor. Teaching science regularly to many different age groups demonstrates the fantastic flexibility that Nadeem brings to his tuition, ensuring every student attains their maximum potential. This diverse group that Nadeem regularly teaches guarantees that he is able to tailor learning to each student, and thus would be a fantastic teacher and role model to your child. A fantastic addition to the team of science tutors!


Amrit is an accountant and a wonderful one of the science tutors. This is a further demonstration of the amazing role models that staff the centre. Having made a career of success in STEM fields, Amrit is the perfect candidate to be teaching your children the importance of the sciences and pushing them to strive and attain their best in them.

Your child will then be motivated by a role model showing them the way to success. Amrit is known for her highly interactive and entertaining lessons, making learning a process children embody themselves in and then push themselves in, truly embodying the pursue your purpose ethos of the centre. Your child with flourish under her mentorship. The perfect science tutor!


We help students excel at science and get into their grammar school of choice

Over the last year, despite the exceptional circumstances of a global pandemic, we have continued to provide excellent services to our tutees. This is shown through the fact that students who have joined the science programme, just like every other tuition we offer, have excelled in their work. We have also helped students achieve the grades to reach Upton Court Grammar.

What makes a great maths tutor?

As a Slough tuition centre, we know exactly what goes into making a fantastic tutor. We look explicitly for commitment, passion, and expert knowledge when selecting out tutors, so you can rest easy knowing that your child’s education is in expert hands.

Choose the perfect maths tutor in Slough

We have an exceptional line up of maths tutors in Slough, able to ensure a fantastic start and support for your child’s educational needs. Let’s meet a few


Currently about to move to his second year studying medicine, Nadim is the perfect example of what perfection of STEM subjects like maths can achieve. A keen and enthusiastic tutor, Nadeem is able to embed his passion for sciences and maths into every lesson he gives, personalising them vividly.

This allows him to help your child achieve their purpose and excel in maths, and life more generally. Your child too can involve themselves in high reward degrees like medicine. The perfect tutor for your child.


Amrit is an accountant in training. As a result, she uses numbers every hour of every single day. It is literally her life. As such, she makes a fantastic maths tutor, as she lives with numbers and works with them every day.

Her personal experiences as an accountant help immensely in helping her students pursue their purpose by showing them the everyday application and use of maths.

These applications range from basic working how to equally divide a pizza pie between friends, to being able to forge careers such as accountancy from a mastery of numbers and maths more broadly. A fantastic tutor across the board.

Do you offer online / webcam tuition lessons?

Given the current global situation of dealing with a pandemic, we have been extremely accommodating with things such as online tuition and webcam lessons. Through out the lockdown period, the team showed exceptional resilience and flexibility in being able to shift work and teaching to online spaces.

Though we are trying to encourage a return to on site teaching and learning with extra safety precautions, we understand not everyone is currently comfortable with these returns. These online sessions would work for all school levels, secondary or primary, and also be an hour long, and run by our expert tutors (usually a single tutor). Please contact us to enquire if online tuition is what you are interested in.

Do you offer private, 1 on 1 lessons in Slough?

Though our usual sessions are around one tutor to six students (at most) to ensure overcrowding is not an issue, we also understand some students work better alone. Additionally, one on one private sessions allow an even greater level of specification of each lesson. If you would prefer one on one tuition, do contact us.

Other lessons we offer for tuition


11 Plus Tuition Slough

Our 11 plus slough tutors offer sessions to prepare students for the Eleven plus examination. Given how Slough is one of the last places to retain the exam and is home to very prestigious grammar schools, it is wise to invest in your child’s success in this exam. These sessions also supplement maths and English in school more generally.

GCSE Tuition

Our GCSE tuition is renowned for helping students get into grammar schools for their choice for sixth form, such as Upton Court Grammar. The GCSE sessions run across essentially all subjects and change according to the needs of the child. A wonderful succinct and diverse programme to tutor children to achieve their greatest GCSE results.

We also offer the following sessions.

Home schooling- our flag ship programme for those restrained by the uninspired approach to education in mainstream schools. The rigidness of usual schools are offset here, as students study each subject for an hour in ways tailored to them.

A level tuition- A levels are critical school exams that are determining university and apprenticeship places. Give you’re the child the best chance by sending them to us. Subjects such as maths and science are offered.


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