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At InTuition we believe there are better ways to educate the hearts and minds of young people in addition to what the current educational system can offer.

There is a need for a fresh approach to learning which truly nurtures the unique talents and creativity possessed by each individual student.

A need for a powerful new learning journey which equips students with both the life skills and knowledge to help them discover and pursue their purpose.

Our Four Pillars


We offer a full suite of school support, from primary (key stages 1 to 2), to the beginning of secondary (key stage three), right through to GCSE and A-Level.

Home Schooling

We have a complete range of services to help homeschooling families in the form of classes, structured learning programmes, as well access to the active network of homeschooling families who are part of the intuition family.

InTuition Inspire

We aim to enrich our students’ lives by offering experiences that aren’t typically available in school. This may be delivered in anything from mind expanding talks from coaches and experts in their fields, to an opportunity to star-gaze with local astronomers.

PYP Mentorships

Pursue Your Purpose.

At the heart of what we believe, education should be and is, when done right, is treating each student as their own individual: unique in purpose and path.

Why Choose Us? 

Many centres exists which promise – a few even deliver – to get your child to reach their potential in their educational journey.

What is your child’s true potential?

Is it simply to achieve their best grades in their exams?

Or is it about them gaining the skills necessary for them discover and pursue their passions?

Here at Intuition, we are dedicated to providing a complete answer to these big questions by providing a holistic approach to education…

If you want to be a part of this growing movement

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Benefits of the InTuition Initiative​

Benefits of the InTuition Initiative​

In order to understand the benefits of the InTuition initiative, we must first come to terms with the crux of the issue; one that lies so deeply in the education system as we know it. Yet, perhaps it is what we don’t quite ascertain from this system that makes it so...

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela
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