Home schooling and the InTuition ethos go hand in hand.

Many of our students are home-schooled, and our qualified staff will work with you to provide a viable and more personalised service, leading to an experience where your child can get the best of what education should be: developing your child into a better, more rounded person, and working with them to discover and enhance their strengths.

Currently our standard school syllabus is delivered over two days, leaving ample time work with your child at home, or for them to pursue their own interests. In these two days we ensure that socialisation is given it’s due weight, via provision of play and the forming of friendships during their time learning with us as well as supporting the existing homeschooling network which makes use of our services.
all of the above services are provided at very competitive rates – contact us for further details.

1. Social: community and network.
2. Breadth of syllabus: we’ve done the legwork and provide resources, you just need to follow them.
3. Affordability

If you want to be a part of this growing movement

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