GCSE Tuition Burnham

At this stage a GCSE student is reaching maturity in their learning. There are finally choices for students to explore a wider range of subjects and of course major examinations are a necessity which have to be diligently prepared for.

Assessment changes:

The 9-1 changes to the GCSE’s are more wide reaching than a mere letters to numbers grading scheme. New topics have been introduced in the core subjects of Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English, whilst across the board, a deeper emphasis is placed upon problem solving.

We approach this at InTuition PYP by preparing our students to think in a deep and active manner, engaging laterally in a wide range of topics, so they are fully prepared to answer long challenging questions in English, as well as apply several techniques to answer the hardest questions in the Slough mathematics exams.

As always, an applied and practical approach is taken where appropriate, by doing practical’s, where that is safe and engaging in applying their learning via problem-solving as soon as new knowledge is gained.

In the end, with the support of our dedicated team, we find that our students are more able to manage the challenge of the widest and longest series of examinations that they will take in their lives, and excel in their future endeavours.


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