The Pursue Your Purpose programme is at the heart of our learning philosophy.

Many of us left school, feeling that the individuality was somewhat drilled out of us; here at InTuition, creativity and individuality is something that is not only prized but fostered.

Q. Does your child have a burning ambition to pursue a path that their school simply cannot help them with?

Q. Are you worried because they are largely uninspired in their studies?

Q. Do you believe that their needs could be better met by practical/vocational or creative instruction rather than pure academics?

The Pursue Your Purpose programme has the answer: a period of consultation will allow our team to assess your child, listen to them, expose them to a variety of alternative activities in order to broaden their horizon and empower them to be proactive in finding their passion in life.

We have found that working with and validating a child’s experience consistently gives them the best chance to discover what they really find value in by trying.

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