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The Advanced Level exams, beloved and reviled by us as the dreaded “a level”, are some of the most, if not the most, critical exams young minds will ever face. These exams dictate the course of young lives by determining which universities, apprenticeships and work a student can undertake. As such, no matter which path one plans to opt for in life, a good set of a levels is crucial to nurturing success in any field. And with this comes the need for successful, competent and innovative tuition, available right here in Slough to all those interested in attaining success.  Read about our A level tuition in our Slough centre today!

Why Chose our Tuition Centre?

Convenient Location

Located in Burnham Highstreet, our centre is easily accessible to all in Slough and South Bucks, both by public transport and private vehicles. There is also ramp access for the disabled and pushchairs, ensuring equal access and opportunity to all. Our tuition is thus accessible to all.


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Tailored Education 

Knowing the A levels are such a critical part of a student’s life, the experts behind InTution PYP have developed an innovative approach for our Burnham A level students. Understanding that students are at a complex intersection between childhood and adulthood when taking these exams, the teachers develop courses around the specific needs of students through tution, being able to teach and interact with their students on their level, ensuring students learn on their own terms and thus have an enjoyable tuition experience they wish to actively pursue.

PYP Pursue Your Purpose 

Our famous ethos of “pursue your purpose” permeates every level of our tutoring here in our Slough centre. This approach is one that encourages students to formulate their own purpose in education, ensuring that students are invested in their own education. This allows for the development of skills such as planning and expectation management that go beyond standard academic achievement by helping achieve real world skills that will serve students for the rest of their life. This distinguishes our tuition courses from the others, allowing the attainment of higher levels across the stage.

Outstanding Academics 

As well the crucial developments of life skills, our tuition is known for our unparalleled A-level, GCSE, and other achievements in academia. All students follow rigorous and proven methods specifically catered to them to ensure the achievement of fantastic results in which ever a level they have chosen to pursue, attaining their highest levels possible, across all courses.

What makes our tuition in Slough the preferred choice? 

Our tuition in Slough is known for its thoroughness and success. This is a tutoring programme that ensures students attain results to the best of their ability, as well as excelling in every other aspect of their life as students come to realise and develop their own purpose and choices.

We can boast that:

  • 90% of our students enter either their firm or secondary university 
  • 100% of our students achieve their target grades or within a grade variation 
  • 95% of students would recommend the experience of tuition to a friend 

Preparation for Slough Grammar Schools and Universities 

Our tuition programme not only ensure that students excel in their secondary school environment, but also prepare them for university life. When exposed to the rigorous and planned nature of this tutoring course, students internalise these attributes, as well as develop their own purpose to purse and succeed in, fulfilling our ethos of “pursue your purpose”.

By instilling the confidence to achieve fantastic a level results, this course instils into Slough students a confidence and passion for learning and development that will serve them for the rest of their lives. This means that whilst the immediate short term benefit of InTution courses is clearly visible to everyone in the short term through fantastic results, increase in academic achievement and the opportunity to achieve their university of choice, tutoring also allows the development of life long skills.

Our Highly Qualified A Level Tutors 

At InTution PYP we value our extremely skilled and successful tutors. Our tutors are handpicked from the very best academic pool that various agencies and institutions have to offer, then putting them through gruelling interview and selection processes to ensure that only the best of the best are tutoring at this Slough centre. The young age of out tutors also ensures a string connectivity between students and tutors, as well as great familiarity with content given how recently tutors would have completed the exams themselves. The experience of tutors through universities and apprenticeships can also help students think about what they would like to do when they attain their a levels. 


Nadeem is a second-year medicine student. This tells you about the mental fortitude and intelligence of the man. Passionate about the sciences and teaching the students of Slough maths, and teaching as a whole, there is no better person to entrust the future and chances of your children getting into grammar school with than Nadeem. A specialist in biology and chemistry especially, this man will ensure your child passes to the best of their ability.


A high flyer, Amrit is known for the wonderful personal touches she includes in her lessons to ensure her students enjoy the maths and English lessons that she delivers. A trainee accountant, Amrit knows her way around a calculator, maths, and any thing else you could throw at her. Her passion for teaching radiates in her work, leaving children both satisfied with their work, whilst also pushing them to their limits to achieve as highly as they possibly can in their A levels, setting them up for future success. A wonderful provider of tuition at any stage, helping at every level. 


Other Tuition We Offer 

Along with our renowned A level courses, we also provide many other proven and successful programmes for various age groups at our Slough Centre.

11 Plus Tuition 

Do you wish for your child to excel in their final primary school years, as well as prepare them for exams that could determine their school placement in going to grammar schools? Then our 11 Plus course is for you. Run by a fantastic team of primary school teachers who know the exam like the back of their hand, this course ensures a quality education in all facets of the exam, such as logical reasoning and problem solving.

GCSE Tutoring 

GCSEs are a critical stage for students in determining which secondary schools and apprenticeships they can access at the age of 16. Give your children the strongest edge by sending them to our tuition!

Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 tutoring 

Looking to give your child extra support through their formative years? This programme will allow younger students to recap the often-messy nature of the of the key stage 1, 2 and 3 curricula, developing academic abilities as well as confidence as young students master their material. 

Home Schooling

Many parents have realised the restrictive and inflexible nature of the national curriculum. To accommodate this need, InTution PYP developed its famous home-schooling programme to help students realise their potential and develop themselves whilst still ensuring work towards standardised examinations. 


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